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Why You Need to Always Screen All Your Airbnb Guests

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Why You Need to Always Screen All Your Airbnb Guests

As you rent out your Airbnb to guests, you have to accept that inviting strangers into the property poses a certain level of risk. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk of adverse events by screening each and every one of your guests. With that move, you can keep potentially costly events at bay and make the most of your rental experience. Whether handled by your property management company in Scottsdale, Arizona, or on your own, here’s how proper screening can benefit you.

Prevent Theft and Damage

Without proper screening, you truly don’t know if your guests are who they say they are. As a result, you’ll likely find it quite difficult to hold them accountable for any theft or damage that occurs during their stay. Beyond that, without full verification, guests may not feel as accountable for the condition and security of your property as they would otherwise.

Drop Booking Restrictions

With a regular independent screening process, you can drop booking restrictions, like only accepting guests with a high rating on Airbnb. This allows you to get more newcomers to stay at your rental, potentially resulting in long-term loyalty to your properties. Furthermore, you can pick up last-minute reservations more often, which are often considered high risk without screening in place.

Boost Overall Revenues

As screening helps you keep damages to a minimum, boost reservation rates, and increase loyalty to your Airbnb properties, your revenues will come up in kind. You can then get more out of every stay, allowing you to funnel the money back into the property and make it even more popular with short-term renters. You might even get enough to buy another property to use as a rental, boosting your income even more.

If you’d like to optimize your guest screening process, our Scottsdale Airbnb property management team can help. We’re available at 602-492-4121 any time you’d like to talk about boosting the performance of your Airbnb. We can perform a free property analysis or simply take over the care of your rental, so you can enjoy excellent revenues while saying goodbye to the daily demands.