How to Use Your City’s Best Attractions to Attract Airbnb Guests

Attracting Scottsdale Airbnb Guests

Location is the word that real estate agents use when they want to highlight the value of a property, and while amenities are certainly important, the concept of placement is even more applicable to a short-term rental. So how exactly can you use the attractions of the city to keep your dates booked at all the right prices? We’ll look at the top ways to get the beauty of your city across.

Decide on One Angle

A quality short-term rental management company in Scottsdale, AZ will tell you that marketing is all about getting people to remember your property. Trying to market too many angles to your customers may seem like a great way to attract more people, but you could risk confusing your customers too.

Instead, think of one angle for your city or town to try to draw people in. Not everyone goes for the hustle and bustle of places like New York City, so you might want to advertise your location as laid-back and casual. Or if you book with lots of childless couples, you can emphasize all the romance to be found outside your doors.

Text, Pictures, Videos

Writing about your town or city should be kept to a quick, skimmable blurb. If people want to do additional research, maybe give them a link or two or invite them to ask you questions about where to go and what to do. You can also use select photos or even a quick video of your city to really showcase what it’s worth.

Also, don’t be afraid of a little contrast when it comes to picking attractions. For instance, if your city is known for having the world’s largest spoon sculpture, put a photo of it front and center. Then follow it up with your favorite off-the-beaten-path location.

Short Term Rental Management in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

Attracting people to an Airbnb is all about knowing the market. If you want to find Airbnb management experts in Scottsdale or Phoenix, AZ, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you maximize the profits from your property using all the best Arizona has to offer.