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Why Airbnb is the Best Passive Income

Airbnb has successfully disrupted the real estate rental market, and the benefits have tipped the scale in favor of passive income potential. Now, anyone with livable space can generate extra income with very little extra time and effort. Of course, Airbnb rentals aren’t 100% automatic; some property owner participation is necessary. However, with the added […]

4 Unique Party Themes to Consider for Your Airbnb

When people picture their Airbnb, they’re often picturing something very different from their own home. Whether it’s clean spaces for a beach wedding vacation or old-fashioned setups perfect for murder mystery ambiance, they’ll gravitate towards properties that can provide the atmosphere they’re looking for. We’ll look at four unique party theme ideas that can help […]

How Much Can You Make with Short-Term Rentals?

Deciding to rent your property to tourists or purchasing a property for the specific purpose of turning it into a profitable Airbnb can be a risky financial venture. You naturally want to know if you have a good chance of turning a profit before you make such a big decision or investment. What Does the […]


Should Your Airbnb Have a Theme?

If you’ve seen Airbnb ads, you may have noticed that they showcase properties with a certain vibe to them. It may have left you wondering how yours stacks up and whether you could improve your bookings’ quality and/or quantity. We’ll look at some factors to consider before you decide. Think Of Your Demographic Through marketing, […]