How Would a Recession Impact Your Short-Term Rental?

As the government debates how to cut spending at a time of unprecedented debt, the trickle-down effects of a potential recession are hitting everyday people in different ways. If you own a short-term rental property in Scottsdale or Phoenix, AZ, here’s what you should know about the future.

Different Circumstances

Despite all the doom and gloom of layoffs, we are in a different position than recent recessions of the past. The unemployment numbers, while certainly falling in some sectors, aren’t uniform by a long shot. Tech may be seeing an exodus, but there are still plenty of companies that are hiring.

In terms of economic sentiment, basically, how consumers feel about whether they’ll spend, pessimism is running fairly high. The inflation and the news have made a distinct mark on whether people are ready to part with some of their hard-earned dollars. However, there does seem to be one key area of spending that isn’t falling into that trap.

Why People Are Still Vacationing

It’s not that travel is immune from a recession, but the demand for short-term rentals isn’t falling the same way that spending in other categories is falling. The good news is that experts don’t expect it to fall either. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t changing the way they travel. They’re more likely to stay close to home, so they can at least cut back on transportation costs.

This is something of a byproduct of the pandemic, but it’s also a nod to people’s desire to get out of their regular routine and try something new. Property managers in Phoenix, AZ have seen just how powerful it can be for guests to experience a city in an entirely new way. It gives them a fresher perspective on the world around them, a truly priceless benefit.

Property Managers in Scottsdale or Phoenix

Sojourn Properties LLC is a rental management company serving the areas of Scottsdale and Phoenix. Part of our job is monitoring the trends of the economy, so that our clients can navigate the changes and make adjustments. From online visibility to price, we help you thrive no matter the climate. If you want to make your property as recession-proof as possible, contact us today to see how we can help.



Dispelling 3 Common Myths About Hosting on Airbnb

The Airbnb platform offers a lucrative way for residential property owners to earn extra income. Yet, thousands of property owners don’t leverage this opportunity. One of the reasons is the proliferation of untrue myths about hosting on Airbnb. Three of the most common myths include:

Myth#1: Hosting an Airbnb Brings on a Ton of Headaches

This is a myth often perpetuated by people who have no experience being landlords. They are simply amplifying what they’ve heard from yet more people who have no experience being landlords. The claim has no basis in reality.

While hosting an Airbnb is not exactly like being a landlord, it is similar in that you are inviting others to rent from you. However, the smartest—and most successful—landlords and Airbnb hosts don’t try to wear all the hats. They hire a property management company to manage and maintain their Scottsdale, AZ, and surrounding areas property so that the income derived from it is completely passive, with no aspirin required.

#2: Hosting an Airbnb Means You Can’t Leave Town

This is another myth concocted by people who have not actually hosted an Airbnb. The false premise behind this myth is that owners have to stay in town to clean up in between lettings, manage tenants’ questions and more.

No one is going to tell you that you have to remain in proximity of your Airbnb property. Only certain rare cities have laws about hosting local Airbnbs, and Scottsdale and Phoenix are certainly not among them.

If you want to host an Airbnb in and around Phoenix, you are free to do so, even if you want to take a vacation of your own now, then or all the time! The smart way to do this is to use an Airbnb property management company in Scottsdale, AZ who does all your work for you. So go ahead, pack your bags and enjoy your trip!

Myth #3: Airbnb Guests Will Trash the Place

This myth suggests that property owners will have their furniture destroyed and the lawn ripped to shreds by vacationers. Hmmm. Is that true?

No, of course not! When was the last time your family trashed a hotel when you vacationed? In addition, we screen guests to ensure you and your property are protected.

As you can see, the negative myths about being an Airbnb host simply are not true. If you have a property available to be rented in Scottsdale, AZ, make everything easy on yourself by hiring an Airbnb property management company like Sojourn Property Management in Scottsdale, AZ. Contact us today!


Which Home Upgrades To Prioritize for Your AirBNB

You want your AirBNB to be as appealing as possible, to attract as many guests as it can. It helps to maintain your property with a property manager in Scottsdale AZ, but it’s also important to perform home upgrades and take care of maintenance. Below, we’ve listed helpful home improvements that will make your AirBNB home more appealing to guests.

Curb Appeal

A picture of your home from the outside is a good way to attract guests to your AirBNB listing. Of course, your home will need curb appeal, or the pictures of your home’s exterior may fall flat with potential guests. There are many things you can do to give your home curb appeal, including:

  • Plant annuals
  • Water, cut and fertilize grass
  • Clean the siding on your home and repaint if needed
  • Trim shrubs

Many of these tasks can be handled by your property manager in Scottsdale, AZ. Inquire about services to find out what they can do for you, and what you’ll need to hire a contractor to do.


Staging your home’s inside will make for more attractive pictures to put in the listing, and will also ensure that your guests are more comfortable when they come stay at your house. Staging can be easy. Some tips:

  • Declutter. Put away items you don’t need sitting out, get rid of anything you and your guests don’t need at all.
  • Decorate. Use small comforts like throw pillows, throw blankets, candles and potpourri to make your home look more attractive.
  • Repaint. A fresh coat of paint can make your house look beautiful and well-maintained for pictures.

Installing Amenities

Install amenities to make your home more competitive with other AirBNB homes in your area. Some examples of amenities to consider:

  • Outdoor kitchen for barbecues
  • Pool or hot tub
  • Sun room for inside dining
  • Spa tub in the master bathroom


Keep your house clean and make repairs as needed. Keeping up with maintenance is important to ensure that your guests will be comfortable when they come to stay in your home.

Take care of standard maintenance for your rental property with AirBNB management services in Scottsdale AZ. Call Sojourn Properties LLC for reputable, dependable AirBNB management today.


5 Amenities That Will Make Your Airbnb Irresistible

Does your Airbnb rental offer the amenities everyone wants? You probably offer the basics just like everyone else, but why be like everyone else, especially if it will reduce your vacancy rates?

Let’s talk about the amenities most guests want in an Airbnb rental but not everyone offers.

1. Gourmet Beverages and Welcome Gifts

Just about everyone offers coffee and other beverages in some shape or form. So why not one-up them by offering gourmet coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. But don’t stop there. Why not also provide a welcome basket of goodies? It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it could be an assortment of candy bars, breakfast bars, bottled water, crackers, etc. nicely arranged on a tray on the kitchen counter.

2. Fully Stocked Fire Pit

Many Airbnb property owners provide a fire pit, so how do you make yours stand out? You can provide S’more kits with skewers, marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, etc. You could also provide a package of hotdogs that your guests could use the skewers for roasting hotdogs. These are the things that make memories!

3. Over the Top Entertainment Options

Provide plenty of entertainment options—more so than the average Airbnb owner. You could provide a wide variety of board games, books, DVDs, access to a streaming service, magazines, and puzzles. But don’t stop there. Why not provide a virtual reality headset(s) and access to virtual reality/augmented reality options or access to virtual reality concerts or sporting events, etc.?

4. Outdoor Fun

Many times, when people take a vacation, they want to spend some time outdoors. So give them some outdoor entertainment options. How about some darts, a basketball court or net, a pool, croquet, badminton, cornhole, kids’ toys, bikes, canoes, kayaks, etc.?

5. Area Entertainment Guides

Chances are your guests won’t know the area as well as you do. It’s easy to put together a notebook full of the area’s fun things to do. But don’t stop there, why not detail each of those places or events with a roadmap with the name, address, phone number, website, maps of how to get there (in case they don’t have a smartphone or GPS), the best times to go, what to do when they get there, where the best food options can be found there, what they absolutely don’t want to miss, and anything else that might make their day easier to navigate and enjoy.

If you want information about enlisting the help of a professional Airbnb management company, please Contact Sojourn Properties, LLC today. Take advantage of our Free Property Analysis and let us show you just how easy and cost-effective using our services can be.



Pictures Are Worth 1000 Airbnb Rentals – Always Include These Images

Not getting the best number of booked days with your Airbnb? One of the most important things an Airbnb management company in Scottsdale will do when you work with them is to revamp the listing. Know one of the most important parts of this process? Adding the best pictures and imagery. In all truth, pictures are worth everything when it comes to making an impression with short-term rentals. Take a look at the most important images to include in your Airbnb rental description and why they matter.

The Main Sleeping Quarters

The bedrooms are, by all rights, where travelers will spend a good portion of their time in your property. And, when you’re looking for a home away from home, few things are as important as getting a good night of sleep. Therefore, make sure your Airbnb listing offers captivating, inviting pictures of the sleeping quarters. Make sure the bed is the focal point, but capture views from several angles.

Special Airbnb Features

Does your Airbnb have something that makes it unique? If so, make sure you add these images to your listing. A few examples of special features prospects will appreciate seeing include:

  • A pool or hot tub
  • An on-site washer and dryer
  • Workspaces or incorporated office space
  • Pet-friendly areas, such as a fenced-in yard
  • Large parking for RVs or larger vehicles
  • Entertainment features, such as a projector system

Panoramic Shots of the Outdoor View

The view can mean a lot to some travelers, especially those looking for rest and rejuvenation or that intend to stick around for a while. Therefore, make sure you get a few wide-angle or panoramic shots of the best outdoor view. Even more urban locations can have something highlight-worthy to capture in a picture that can be alluring. In addition to the view from the outdoors, consider grabbing a picture or two of the best view from one of the interior windows.

Need Help with Your Airbnb?

Managing an Airbnb and getting the most booked nights is a matter of marketing and property management. Need a little help from a property manager in Scottsdale, AZ? Reach out to us at Sojourn Properties LLC so we can step in and make a difference.

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What Does a Property Inspection Cover?

When you are thinking of buying an investment property to rent out as an Airbnb in Scottsdale, AZ or another kind of rental property, you’ll want to have a property inspection done. A property inspection isn’t always mandatory according to your lender, but they are recommended. The following are some things that the property inspector will look at.


The property inspector will carefully assess the condition of the windows, looking for signs of insulation failure. They won’t necessarily inspect every single window in the property, but enough to determine the general condition of the windows.


Fireplaces are also thoroughly examined. Property inspectors check for indicators of wear that suggest a fireplace hasn’t been cleaned or maintained on a regular basis. They also inspect for potential fire threats, such as creosote accumulation on the walls of the chimney.


The complete HVAC system, including the heating, cooling and plumbings systems, is examined by property inspectors. They’re specifically searching for signs of corrosion, leaks, mold development, and ventilation issues. In addition to the major components, they will thoroughly examine the tubing and wiring connections.

Electrical Problems

The electrical connections in the property will be examined by the property inspector. Any evident electrical issues, as well as situations that violate local and state construction codes, such as the absence of GFI outlets in rooms with running water, such as the laundry room, kitchen and bathrooms, will be documented. Every outlet, circuit breaker, fixture, and switch will be inspected.

Hand Rails and Banisters

The stability and proper installation of safety and guard rails and stairway banisters will be checked. This will include problems like shaky banisters that are not tightly connected to the walls, or areas where one or more balusters are missing. The property inspection report will also mention areas that should have safety railings but which are lacking. Railings along balconies, deck and pool areas are examples of locations that will be assessed.

A property inspection will help to ensure that your potential new rental property is actually a good investment. Once you are ready to start accepting tenants, get property management services in Scottsdale, AZ so your passive income stream can begin! Contact us for more information to get started.


How to Generate Passive Income from Short-Term Rentals

How to Generate Passive Income from Short-Term Rentals

Investments come in many forms. Many entrepreneurs start businesses, run them for a while and build them into large entities that employ hundreds or even thousands of people. Another type of investment is buying into an existing business, becoming a partial owner and enjoying a portion of the profits.

But the most successful investors know that money is not the most valuable commodity; time is. The most successful investors know that passive income is king.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is money generated that doesn’t require a trade of money for time. Passive refers to the amount of action required on the part of the investor. In a passive income investment, the investor should not have to do much of anything after some initial action. In other words, there is some action needed to initiate passive income. But after that, the money should come in with little to no more effort on the part of the investor.

Confusion About Passive Income

Loosely interpreted, the IRS defines passive income as regular earnings that come from a source other than the investor. The form goes on to say that real estate investment is a form of passive income. That’s a bit confusing because anyone who has ever become a landlord can tell you that it is anything but passive income. When you spend your weekends performing maintenance on a rental and answering tenant calls on your vacation, that’s not passive income. That’s called a second job.

True Passive Income From Rental Real Estate

True passive income comes from rental real estate where you have hired a property management company to take care of it for you, such as a property management company in Scottsdale, AZ. A property management company takes care of everything from creating a boilerplate lease agreement, to screening new tenant applicants to fixing plumbing leaks at 2 a.m. on a holiday weekend. Meanwhile, you and your family are relaxing together, enjoying life. That’s passive income.

Whether you need Airbnb property management in Scottsdale, AZ, property management for a vacation rental or a rental property ten blocks from you, Sojourn Properties does what its name implies; allows you, the investor, to take a sojourn and have passive income, while they do all the actual work. Contact us today to learn more.

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What Extras Should Airbnb Hosts Provide and Which Ones Are Nice But Optional?

Do you own an Airbnb rental in Scottsdale, AZ, or anywhere else for that matter? If so, you’ve probably been wondering which extras you need to provide and which ones you don’t. Or are you even obligated to provide any extras at all? Besides, do extras really make that much difference to your guests?

The answer is yes and no.

Let’s go into that a bit further.

Do I Have to Provide Extras with My Airbnb Rental?

No, you don’t have to provide extras with your Airbnb rental. Your guests probably aren’t going to rate you on your extras. However, they will decide whether to come back and whether to leave you a good review based on how well your rental met their needs.

Do Rental Extras Really Make a Difference?

Yes, they do, but you don’t need to go overboard. What makes your rental popular is how comfortable and convenient it is. Therefore, providing coffee pods, snacks, and other little niceties will make your guests’ stay comfortable and convenient because you anticipated their needs. This way, your guests don’t have to lift a finger or go out of their way to cover what most people consider a basic but not necessary need.

So that leads to the next question. Which extras are basic and should be included as part of a guest’s stay and which ones are nice but optional?

Basic Airbnb Amenities That Should Be Included with Every Stay

Here are some of what we consider basic Airbnb amenities that should be included with every stay.

  • Highspeed WiFi – lets face it, this is an absolute MUST in any property to be successful!
  • Coffee pot, coffee, creamer
  • Soap, shampoo, body wash
  • Hairdryer
  • Toilet paper, tissues
  • Sheets, blankets
  • Minimum one pillow per guest
  • Minimum one towel and washcloth per guest

Optional Airbnb Amenities That Are Nice but Not Necessary

Most Airbnb management services in Scottsdale, AZ will tell you that while the following amenities are not necessary, they will make a difference in how comfortable and convenient your rental is for your guests. Therefore, we highly recommend you go ahead and include these extras.

  • Ironing board, iron, and clothes baskets
  • Laundry detergent (even if your rental doesn’t have a washer)
  • A variety of phone chargers
  • Snacks such as popcorn, nuts, pretzels, etc.
  • A guidebook with area activities, restaurants and their menus, directions, and hours, etc.
  • A pool table, ping pong table, or foosball table.

And if you really want to up your game and set yourself up for great reviews and extra bookings, try providing luxury amenities. These could be anything from high-end linens and towels, his and her robes, movie streaming, a welcome basket, or anything else you think your guests might appreciate.

The Bottom Line

Anything you do that goes above and beyond what your competitors are doing is going to make your rental all that much more successful and profitable. The best thing to do is to put yourself in your guests’ shoes and think about what you might need if it were your stay. Just make sure what you’re doing is budget-friendly and not ultimately costing you more than you are making.

What’s Next?

If you don’t have the time to manage your Airbnb rental or are tired of the everyday churn of dealing with guests, their questions, and issues, please Contact Sojourn Properties today. We offer a variety of Airbnb management services in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Here’s Every Detail You Need to Include in Your Airbnb Listing

When potential guests read your Scottsdale, AZ Airbnb listing, they do so to see if it will meet their personal, family, business and/or vacation needs. Your listing is the only front-facing marketing piece that you have to convert someone who’s just browsing into a paid guest. Make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity to express all that your Airbnb offers by including plenty of information. Here are the details that should be included in your Airbnb listing.

What Floor It’s On

Many travelers have special needs and can’t manage stairs. They’ll be looking to see what floor your Airbnb unit is on, so make sure you tell them. If it’s on a second floor, mention how many stairs there are, or if there is elevator access.

Proximity to Food Stores

Your guests will need to access food right away. Let them know with a map screenshot or detailed information how close the nearest food stores are. Also include the name of the stores and distinguish between small corner markets and full-product grocery stores.

Nearby Dining

Be sure to mention nearby dining establishments with a brief description of the style and type of cuisine. For instance, you could say: “Within a 5-block radius there is a Mexican taco stand, an Argentinian fine dining establishment, a take-out pizza place and a fast-food American hamburger place.”

Disposable Amenities Supplied

No guest wants to arrive only to find there’s not so much as a square of toilet tissue or hand soap in the unit. Allow guests to prepare by listing exactly what you will provide. Specify that it’s “starter” supplies so you don’t have to refill paper products for long-stay guests. (Note that it’s good practice to include starter supplies of bathroom tissue, hand soap, paper towels and dish soap.)

Refund Policy

You can avoid sticky situations by plainly explaining your refund policy upfront. The Airbnb listing platform provides a special field for this, but go the extra mile and detail how any refund will be provided and on what terms.

The more detailed information you can provide in your Airbnb listing, the fewer disappointed guests you will have. Your Airbnb management company in Scottsdale, Arizona will help keep guests happy, too. For more information about Airbnb management, please contact us.

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How to Choose a Location For Your Airbnb

If you’re looking for an investment property to buy so you can use it as an Airbnb, location is doubly important. Many Airbnb guests choose their accommodations based on their location first, and other things like amenities, second. After all, the perfect Airbnb is no good if it’s in the wrong location. Choosing a location for your Airbnb can be challenging, but these tips will make it easier.

Consider Access to Highways

Ideally, your Airbnb will be easy to find off the interstate. Guests who are coming in from out of town will be unfamiliar with small, local roads and may be wary about traveling down lonely country lanes in unknown locales. You don’t need to have your Airbnb in the city center, unless you want that, but reasonable access without the need for a four-wheel drive vehicle is usually best.

Look at Tourist Activity

The most successful Airbnbs are often located in touristy areas. Look at how many tourists come to any place you’re considering. Is the town a “drive-by,” or do tourists come to linger for a few days? You want to have your Airbnb situated in a place where tourists are attracted to.

Review Local Area Attractions

Another thing to look at is the number of area attractions. Try to choose a place where there is a lot to entertain people of all ages. It doesn’t have to be near Disneyland, but it should be near natural or man-made attractions. Ideally, those attractions should be either numerous or so complex that they require stay-overs to get the full experience. Note that when looking at management for your Airbnbs, you don’t have to do the work. You can hire an Airbnb management company to take care of your Airbnb rental for you. This can even include providing pamphlets and ticket information about local area attractions.

Use these tips as a guideline when looking at various investment properties to use as your Airbnb. If you can tick most of the items on this list, then chances are you’ll meet most of the requirements of your future Airbnb guests. For full-service help managing your Airbnb property, please contact us today!