4 Unique Party Themes to Consider for Your Airbnb

When people picture their Airbnb, they’re often picturing something very different from their own home. Whether it’s clean spaces for a beach wedding vacation or old-fashioned setups perfect for murder mystery ambiance, they’ll gravitate towards properties that can provide the atmosphere they’re looking for. We’ll look at four unique party theme ideas that can help you put your space together.

Children’s Birthdays

If you’re in a residential area with lots of families, you can turn your Airbnb into the perfect place for kid’s birthdays. Bright-colored furniture, pin-the-tail-on-donkey hangings, and a piñata in the backyard are ways to show it off in pictures.

Garden Parties

A garden party is something of a bygone tradition that is even more romantic today. Set up the backyard to tempt guests and let them know you’ll provide all the supplies they’ll need to adapt the party to their crowd. Airbnb management in Scottsdale, AZ can tell you that these clever twists can be enough to grow your revenue drastically over time.

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is a type of party one that sets the stage before dinner. The best part? It can be done every night they stay, giving them more bang for their buck and a potential new routine to take back to their own homes. Take some time to pick out a bar cart that fits with the rest of the decor, and then invite your guests to get in on the fun.


If you have a big dining room, banquets are an elegant way to serve dinner to a large group of people. You may not need much more than a long sideboard and some chafing dishes to give people their own ideas on how to set it up.

Work with a Property Manager in Scottsdale

property manager in Scottsdale, AZ knows that most property owners have a lot of other things on their mind besides what color linens to put in their photographs. If you want to try a party theme for your place but aren’t sure where to start, the team at Sojourn Properties LLC can help you find a creative way to give your property a big boost both online and off.


How to Draw More Guests to Your Airbnb

You have invested in the ideal property for a vacation rental and spent hours getting it market-ready. You feel excited about renting to your first guests but also feel a bit lost about where to find them. Partnering with Sojourn Properties, a professional Airbnb management company, helps you avoid expensive advertising ideas that may not work. Below are some of our top recommendations for breaking into this market.

Start with a Pricing Promotion

Depending on the area of the country where you own an Airbnb, you may have stiff competition from more established properties. You also need to consider that guests pay close attention to what other guests have to say about a place they are considering booking and that you may not have any feedback yet.

Even if you have to offer your first few bookings at a loss, getting your rental business going may be worth it. If you cannot afford to do that, research the nightly rate of other Airbnb locations in the same city and make your introductory rate much lower than that. Be sure to remind all guests to write a review and ask them upfront if they have any issues you can address to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Be Flexible with Cancellations

No property owner likes cancellations, but guests also don’t want to lose money if something outside their control causes them to cancel the trip. The more flexible you can afford to be, the better. Just be sure to leave yourself with enough time to rent the property to another party after the original party cancels.

Show, Don’t Tell

Any property owner can claim to have the most roomy, scenic property with tons of amenities that guests will love. Rather than state what you have to offer, show how a guest’s experience with you will be different by creating a short video of the home, amenities, and things to do around the property and in town. You want guests to be able to picture themselves enjoying a vacation at your Airbnb.

We understand that operating a profitable Airbnb is a big responsibility. If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, remember that help from Sojourn Properties is just a phone call away.


How a Property Manager Can Help Yield Higher Profits

As a rental property owner in the valley region of Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ, you’re probably already familiar with the lure your property holds for visitors. Our sun-soaked city, vibrant arts scene and breathtaking natural parks make Scottsdale a hotspot for tourists. But are you really making the most of this potential? Discover how a property manager can help yield higher profits.

Increasing Your Occupancy Rate

Property managers are experts in marketing and can help your property stand out in the highly competitive Scottsdale rental market. They know how to optimize your Airbnb listing, strategize peak and off-peak pricing, and attract high-quality guests, thereby increasing your occupancy rate. High occupancy rates translate directly into more profits for you.

Boosting Guest Satisfaction

Quality property management for Airbnbs in Scottsdale, AZ, ensures that guests have a stellar experience from check-in to check-out. This includes professional cleaning services, swift response to queries or concerns, and maintaining high-quality amenities. A property manager’s attention to detail and customer service can dramatically improve your guests’ experience, leading to glowing reviews that will occupy your rental property.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a rental property in Scottsdale’s desert climate can be daunting. However, a property manager’s extensive network of local contractors can mean lower costs and faster services, preventing small problems from becoming costly repairs. This means your property remains in top condition, attracting more guests and allowing for premium pricing.

Navigating Legal Landscapes

The rental industry comes with a complex web of local laws and regulations. From securing the right licenses to complying with the city’s housing codes, there’s a lot to navigate. Property managers are familiar with these legal landscapes, ensuring you avoid costly fines and legal headaches.

Enhancing Long-Term Profitability

In the end, an experienced property manager is a worthwhile investment. Their expertise in marketing, customer service, maintenance, and legal compliance ensures that your Scottsdale Airbnb property stays competitive and profitable for years to come.

Consider investing in a property manager for your Scottsdale rental property. Turn your Airbnb into a high-performing asset that yields higher profits and provides peace of mind. With a skilled rental property manager in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll have more time to enjoy the fruits of your investment while maximizing your return in the sunny heart of Arizona.



How AirDNA Can Help You Understand the AirBnB Market

AirDNA provides data collection services for people with short-term rentals. The information is analyzed and categorized specifically to tell you more about what your property is worth and how you can leverage demand throughout the year to make the most from it. We’ll look at how it can help you understand the market so you’re ready for anything.

Less Guessing

There are certain things that are fairly self-explanatory about the AirBnB market in Scottsdale or Phoenix, AZ. You don’t need to be told that major events will bump up the price of your rental or that weekdays are less popular than weekends. You may not know exactly what your property will fetch at its highest margins, leading you to set prices far too low. AirDNA provides you with the market trends you need to see so you can be strategic in pricing. Plus, you can get more information about your competition, making you less likely to lose business.

More Planning

While planning for every contingency is impossible, AirDNA can help you understand what to expect from the months and years ahead. Do you ultimately want to purchase a few more rental properties? Knowing how much you’ll make over the course of the year can give you a more realistic timeline about when that can happen. Are you using the rental income as part of your retirement strategy? You can see how to integrate other sources of income to give you the most comfortable Golden Years imaginable.

How the Right Property Management in Phoenix, AZ Can Help

If you want a stronger understanding of the market, you’ll need to invest some time into the project. It can take a while to get up to speed, spot the trends, and then adapt your short-term rental to make the most of it. Knowing these details can set you up for success, whether it’s an influx of workcationers or a downturn in bachelorette parties in the area. At Sojourn Properties LLC, it’s our job to provide property management services in the Phoenix area that deliver real results. If you’re looking for extra assistance to make much more money, contact us today!

How to Mitigate AirBnB Asset Loss During Monsoon Season

From June to September, the Phoenix area is vulnerable to monsoons. From wind to hail, it can leave short-term property owners with major asset loss if they’re not careful. In fact, these large storms caused about a billion dollars in asset damage across the state in 2021. If you’re concerned about protecting your AirBnB property in Scottsdale, AZ, we’ll look at how you can prepare.

Getting Ready

Before monsoon season, you’ll need to:

  • Inspect the roof: A professional will do more than verify that the roof is intact. If you need additional reinforcement, they can tell you where your roof is weakest based on everything from weather patterns to architectural design.
  • Clean the gutters: The gutters are what stands between your home and water damage. The more clogged they are, the more likely they are to overflow. If they’re cleaned and the downspouts are free to drain, you’ll be far less likely to have to file an insurance claim.
  • Consider flood insurance: Flood insurance is not usually a part of your home insurance policy, which is why you may need to examine your coverage. Even if you don’t technically live in a flood zone, you may have spillover effects which ultimately result in asset loss.
  • Trim the trees: The biggest branches cause the more amount of damage. Clean, neat trees also ensure that the weakest branches are removed, otherwise known as the ones most likely to fall in the event of a storm.
  • Prepare for power outages: This tip is more for any families or individual who may be staying in the AirBnB at the time of the monsoon. You may want to purchase a generator, so their food doesn’t spoil and they have enough power to stay safe during the monsoon.

AirBnB Property Management in Scottsdale, AZ

Summer is not always an easy season for property owners in the Phoenix area. Despite the increase in time off for most vacationers, these volatile months of heat and storms can be a headache. If you’re looking for property managers in Scottsdale that leave as little to chance as you do, Sojourn Properties LLC has a team that’s devoted to keeping our clients safe from asset loss.



Should Your Airbnb Have a Theme?

If you’ve seen Airbnb ads, you may have noticed that they showcase properties with a certain vibe to them. It may have left you wondering how yours stacks up and whether you could improve your bookings’ quality and/or quantity. We’ll look at some factors to consider before you decide.

Think Of Your Demographic

Through marketing, Airbnb is trying to create a certain type of longing for its properties. For instance, they’ll put a house on display that’s entirely decked out in 1970s decor. This nod to the past is artfully done and creates a unique environment that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

This is a great gimmick for many property managers in Scottsdale, but it depends on the expectations of your ideal demographic. A luxury home that was practically built for Instagram will likely benefit from becoming a tasteful party house. For instance, a birthday weekend or bachelorette organizer would look for decorations that would fit right into a romantic, celebratory atmosphere.

The Beauty of Themes

The beauty of themes is that they can be adapted to anyone. If you’re largely catering to budget-minded travelers, your theme might highlight how you’re able to keep costs down and how they can keep costs down too. Plus, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. You don’t need every inch of the property to reflect your chosen theme. For instance, IKEA furniture, books on money-saving, and lists of cheap recipes that they can make in the kitchen would be a great start.

The only real reason not to have a theme is if you don’t want to cater to anyone specific. For instance, maybe you host travelers from all over the world, and you don’t want certain colors or items to turn your guests off. There’s a reason why home sellers all stick with the same neutral color palette: unless they’re living in an artist colony or other niche neighborhood, they want the highest possible offers for their home.

Property Management in Scottsdale

If you’re looking for a professional to manage your Airbnb property in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Sojourn Properties LLC is here to help. We can not only outfit your property so it attracts the right people, but we can also help you keep it looking sharp from one booking to the next.


Make Your AirBnb Listing Too Attractive to Pass Up

Everyone who owns a property rental wants theirs to be the most popular option. But achieving that ultimate goal takes a bit of tweaking. In the property-rental game, it’s all about your listing and how yours must shine to beat the competition. Your property management company in Arizona can help.

1. Stage Your Photos

Quick snaps of your home’s interior aren’t going to help you lease your space. Just as realtors stage their properties before an open house, you must stage the photos you plan to add to your listing. This means taking pictures in good lighting, removing all signs of clutter, plumping pillows, and lighting fireplaces. The more cozy and inviting your interiors look, the more guests will be able to picture themselves there.

2. Brag Up Your Space

Spacious backyard deck, oversized garden tub, sunken living room with fireplace — these elements are guest-approved. But so are vintage crown molding, hardwood floors that date back to the 1800s, and antique quilts on the beds. Make sure to list all your home’s special features. If your outdoor pool has exterior lighting, talk about it. And if your backyard features a meandering walkway that ends in a rose garden, your Airbnb listing is the time and place to talk about it.

3. Make Your Home Sound Irresistible for Every Season

Homeowners do this by finding nearby attractions or amenities that are appropriate for every season and then making sure to add them to their listings. Possibilities include:

  • Farmers markets
  • Golf courses
  • Pumpkin patches
  • Botanical gardens
  • Boat ramps
  • Bike rentals
  • Historical sites
  • Hiking trails

If you dig deep, you may find there’s much more to do in your hometown than you realized. Make sure visitors to your listing are made aware. And make sure every season is represented.

Short-Term Property Management in Arizona

Whether you own a new rental property or you’re an experienced host, having the right property management team in Arizona can mean the difference between success and failure. At Sojourn Properties, we’re experts in managing short-term rental properties, including those listed with Airbnb. Call today for expert advice and management tips from the professionals who will care for your rental property like it’s our own.


How to Be a Better AirBnB Host When You Live States Away

Having an AirBnB property in Scottsdale or Phoenix, AZ is a great way to make a little extra money, no matter where you live. Of course, the realities of caring for that property and the guests who stay there can be different from what you pictured.

One major problem is that if you’re too far removed from the property, it’s easy to let problems slip through the cracks. While you’ve undoubtedly covered your major bases (e.g., keeping the property standing, the property listed, etc.), it’s critical to take care of all the other details. We’ll look at a few tips so you’re more connected to what’s happening.

Start with Communication

If you’re living in a different state, you need to be as upfront as possible with your guests about what they can expect when they’re there. In other words, if a plumbing emergency happens at 2 a.m., they should have some idea of who’s in charge of the problem.

This might be a plumber that you know, or a family member that’s in the area, or it could even be you managing the problem from afar. A property manager can handle a lot on this end, but you don’t want to ignore this step.

Think Through Different Scenarios

Owning a property is sometimes an exercise in the unthinkable. Mild-mannered guests with excellent reviews can wreck your living room after a party. Repairs that you spent a bundle on from the most recommended maintenance person can fail after a week. Storms can pop up out of nowhere and cause the type of damage that no one could have budgeted for.

If you haven’t considered what to do when different types of emergencies happen, then your property manager will be left to make all of the decisions on their own if they can’t get ahold of you.

Find Strong Property Management in Phoenix, AZ

There’s nothing like doing a job on your own, but in some cases, that’s just not a possibility. If you’re looking for people who can work with you no matter where you are and help you with the unexpected, Sojourn Properties LLC is a property management group serving the Scottsdale and Phoenix area.


3 Ways to Battle Stiff Airbnb Competition

If you have an AirBnB in Scottsdale or Phoenix, you’ve likely already seen declining interest. Demand hasn’t been hit in every area of the US, but overall, it’s been saturated with options, and vacationers have looked more to hotels as a way to avoid taking chances. We’ll look at three things you can do to stand out from the rest.

Start with a Better Listing

Most AirBnB owners think that their listing comes across as reasonable to their guests, and this is true even if they’re asking for unreasonable requirements from their guests. To really stand out, you need to have more than a few good photos and reviews. This is the time to tell guests more about why your property is not only more unique than a hotel but one that will make for a more memorable stay. Pull out the compliments that former guests have left and lean into creating a fun story that will help you stand out as guests research what’s available.

Lean on Authenticity

People are looking for authenticity in their experience, regardless of the key features of your properties. A view of the mountains, an eccentric color scheme, themed rooms: whatever it is, just make sure that it’s done for more than Instagram-worthy photos. Succeeding on Airbnb in Phoenix, AZ means having a handle on your key demographic. If it’s primarily families you’re after, show them what you’ve done to make your place safer for kids. If it’s bachelorette parties, emphasize the backyard space they can use to throw shindigs after the bars close down.

Hire the Right Property Manager in Phoenix, AZ

AirBnB owners don’t need any convincing that managing a short-term rental can be a lot of work. Of course, that doesn’t mean they want to turn the property over to someone else. While a property manager in Scottsdale, AZ might be more of an expense, the right team can not only handle problems faster (ensuring that you get the repairs you need, when you need them), they can also showcase the best of your property to the right people.

Soujourn Properties LLC provides management services in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and we can tell you that there are ways to get an edge over your competition.


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How to Help Guests Care For Your Property

Many of your guests are homeowners, too. Whether you host business travelers, digital nomads or vacationing families, chances are that many of them understand the seriousness and necessity of keeping a property in good condition. As such, your guests very likely want to keep your property well cared for during the duration of their stay. You can encourage this behavior and help guests care for your property quite easily.

Have a Property Manager in Place

Not every situation can be planned for. When your guests have a situation for which they are not prepared, you can help avoid damage to your rental by having a Scottsdale, AZ property manager in place. This gives your guests 24-hour access to help when you may not be available or reachable. This is the single most important thing you can do to help guests care for your property.

Provide Trash Guidelines

To maintain a hygienic rental, let your guests know how to dispose of trash. This is an often-overlooked detail that can result in trash piling up in the wrong place. Let guests know in the welcome documentation where to access trash bins outside the rental, what the community pickup days are, and consider supplying a starter kit of trash bags that fit your waste receptacles.

Provide Housekeeping Essentials

Simply providing daily housekeeping essentials will help guests to keep your property tidy. Make sure you provide:

  • Mop and bucket
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Toilet plunger and toilet basin scrubber
  • Can of insect repellant
  • Window/mirror cleaning solution
  • Counter disinfectant
  • Paper towels
  • Kitchen cloth towels/tea towels
  • Microwave splatter cover
  • Starter dish soap

Provide Convenience Items That Will Minimize Problems

You can also provide some items that guests will see as a convenience, but which will also help minimize the chances of problems. These include:

  • Large key fob for keys to the unit (to prevent misplacing keys)
  • Second set of keys to open doors within the unit (for guests who lock themselves out of bedrooms or bathrooms)
  • Instructions to turn off gas/electricity/water to the unit
  • Placemats for the kitchen table
  • Coasters for drinks
  • Trash cans in every room, including the living/seating area

These small little details can help in a big way when you’re trying to support guests in their efforts to care for your property. When you’re ready to hire an Airbnb property manager in Scottsdale, AZ, please contact us for details.