3 Reasons Why Your Airbnb Needs a Ring Doorbell

reasons for a ring doorbell at your airbnb

As you prepare your property to serve as an Airbnb rental, you undoubtedly strive to go above and beyond for your guests. One smart way to do that is by installing a Ring Doorbell at the main entry point, so you can ensure their safety and provide the highest quality of service. You can benefit from that move, too, as it improves the overall security of your rental. Ready to learn more? Here’s a quick look at why Scottsdale Airbnb property management companies are recommending the Ring Doorbell for all rentals.

Guest Safety

With the Ring Doorbell installed, you can set it to turn on the lights as your guests arrive and again when they head out the door. If you set up a linked screen inside, they can check who’s at the door before answering and look around the area before stepping foot outside. You can set the doorbell to respond to many other actions as well to help your guests feel completely safe while staying at your Airbnb.

Quality Service

When the Ring Doorbell lets you know your guests have arrived, you can roll out the red carpet right on cue. As they waltz through the doors, you can let them know about the fresh baked goods on the counter, complimentary toiletries in the bathroom, and any other extras you left for their enjoyment. As a result, every guest who stays at your Airbnb will then feel wholly impressed with your incredible level of service and be much more likely to come back for another stay.

Rental Security

Through your Ring app, you can confirm that your guests are following your visitor restrictions during their stay. It will let you know if a lot of people are arriving – like for a big party, for example – so you can send out a friendly reminder about the rental terms. You can also use the info as proof if your guests damage your rental, especially if the problem occurs due to a breach of contract.

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