Secrets to Better Airbnb Reviews


As an experienced Airbnb host, you may already know that the key to more and better bookings is great reviews. Hosts with more positive reviews get ranked better on the Airbnb platform and are better able to charge higher rates. Positive reviews have also been proven to make those listing get more confirmed bookings once a consumer clicks on the listing and reads through the reviews. Following are the secrets to better Airbnb reviews.

Be Responsive

If you have a consumer reach out to you with a question prior to a booking, be sure to answer them as soon as you receive the message notification. Consumers usually want to confirm accommodations as soon as possible. If you don’t respond, they’ll quickly move on to their next choice. When you’re responsive like this, it will likely be noted in your Airbnb review.

Be Helpful

Once your booking is confirmed, message your guest and ask if you can be of service to them. Ask if you can help to arrange activities, transportation or information about the place or the community where the property is located.

Be Personal

Whenever you message your guest, be sure to use their first name. Sign your message with your name, too, so they have that personal feeling and realize that they’re just dealing with another “real” human being.

Be Informative

Make sure your guest knows exactly what is expected of them in terms of checking out. Don’t make them have to contact you to figure out how to do things like where to leave the keys. Ideally, you would supply written information in the unit that they can readily access in their own language.

Ask For The Review

Airbnb automatically reminds guests to leave reviews. But to get more positive reviews, go ahead and message your guest yourself. Wait until the end of their stay or shortly after they’ve checked out. Say that you hope their stay lived up to their expectations, and that you would very much appreciate an honest review.

Leave a Review Yourself

Be sure to leave a positive review for your guests whenever possible. This will make them feel more inclined to leave you a positive review.When you follow these tips, you’ll be more likely to create a relationship with each guest, which will encourage them to leave a review to support you when they leave.

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