A Look at the Value of Noise Monitoring at Your Airbnb

Noise Monitoring for Airbnb's

Noise monitoring is an innovative step above motion detection that can make all the difference to the security of a property. With providers like NoiseAware, whose monitors we use as Airbnb managers in Scottsdale, convenient noise control is easier than ever. Take a look at some of the reasons to consider noise monitoring at your Airbnb properties.

Automatically resolve high noise levels when guests are present.

Noise monitors send out automated alerts when the noise levels reach a certain decibel. Therefore, if you have a guest that is making a lot of noise with loud music or voice while in the rental, you will get an immediate alert. You can reach out to the guest and let them know that noise levels need to be adjusted to prevent further actions. Likewise, noise monitors outdoors can let you know if other noises within the neighborhood could be a bother to your guests, so you can take the appropriate action.

Get greater insight and greater protection for your rentals.

When an Airbnb property is vacant, noise from within the unit can be a surefire sign that something is not right. Whether it is a loud sound like shattering glass or people talking, these noise alerts can tell you that your property has been breached. Therefore, you can contact the proper authorities to let them know something is going on.

Be sure to stay in good standing with the neighbors surrounding your rentals.

While some area ordinances do not allow short-term property rental, many of the neighborhoods in Scottsdale and Phoenix do. However, in order to keep these restrictions from being implemented, it’s necessary to make sure area residents do not get concerned about the activities at a rental. Without question, if guests who frequent your rentals are noisy, this can bring up issues with the surrounding neighbors. Noise monitoring helps prevent these issues from coming up.

Need Help with Airbnb Management in Scottsdale or Phoenix?

The more attention you give to properly managing your short-term rentals, the less of a chance there will be that you face problems with neighbors or guests down the road. Noise management can be a valuable part of the process. If you need help with short-term rental management in Scottsdale, AZ, reach out to us at Sojourn Properties to find out how we can help.