How to Attract Corporate Guests


Corporate guests are very valuable for short-term rental owners. Corporate stays are typically paid for by corporations, which are willing to pay more for the right accommodations. Corporate guests are also more desirable because they are professionals, who are more likely to treat the property gently and with respect. They are less likely to throw parties, be messy or destroy property and possessions. To attract corporate tenants, consider these steps.

Install Optic-Fiber Internet

Optic-fiber internet is the fastest available internet. This is an attractive feature for corporate tenants because they’ll need fast, reliable internet to conduct business in your short-term rental.

Offer Car Service

Consider attaching the use of a car to the short-term rental. This is an amenity that many executives would look for when choosing a short-term rental.

Provide Free Parking

Make sure that your rental property has free parking available for corporate tenants. If you don’t have a dedicated driveway or space, consider paying for parking service in a nearby covered garage. Corporate tenants don’t like to be nickel and dimed for every small convenience.

Upgrade Linens

Offer a minimum of 400-thread sheet counts on the beds and Egyptian cotton towels in the bathroom. These are common with the best hotels in the world, and corporate tenants almost expect these little luxuries.

Offer Discounts on Long-term Stays

Offer corporate discounts to the company. This will make it more likely that the corporate administrator will choose your short-term rental every single time one of their executives needs to travel to your area on business. Remember, they want the process to be as easy as possible, too, so not having to look for a different short-term rental every time is valuable for them.

Provide Bedside Accoutrements

Place a station in the bedroom for beverages and snacks. Consider a mini-refrigerator and stock it with complimentary refreshments like bottled water and lite snacks. Place a mini coffee pot in the room so your corporate tenant can enjoy coffee in bed without leaving the comfort of the bedroom.

The more similar you can make your short-term rental to the luxuries of a high-class hotel, the more likely you will be able to attract corporate tenants to your property.