Shelter in the Storm: Your AirBNB as Emergency Housing


You’d like to offer shelter in a crisis, but you’re unsure how your short-term rental can help. It’s situations like these where your AirBNB property management company in Sedona, AZ, can be a great resource. If you have questions regarding how to offer your rental unit as a shelter for displaced families and individuals, we have answers. Here’s what we know:

AirBNB Will Pay for Your Guest’s Stay

You can offer to host emergency guests at a discounted rate, but it’s not required. AirBNB will take on the responsibility of paying for the use of your rental unit for guests who have been displaced due to disaster or emergency, or for guests who are seeking refuge. They’ll also waive any fees normally charged to you or to your emergency guest.

Your Guests Will Be Vetted Before Referral

You won’t have to worry whether someone is taking advantage of your good intentions, because AirBNB makes sure guest information is accurate. This means guests must either be referred to AirBNB by a legitimate nonprofit organization or resettlement agency, or they must show proof of residency in an area affected by a disaster. In some instances, guests are required to provide special immigrant visas to book an emergency stay with AirBNB.

All the Same Safeguards Will Be in Place

As the host, you’ll enjoy the same protection as normal, including the protections offered by AirBNB’s Host Guarantee. Accordingly, you’ll receive:

  • Up to $3 million in coverage against damage by guests
  • Reimbursement for missing items or unexpected cleaning expenses,
  • Reimbursement for lost income during clean-up

This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by offering your short-term rental to guests impacted by disaster or displacement. This may include providing shelter for emergency service workers as they assist during clean-up of natural disasters including, flood, fire, or earthquake.

If you’d like to learn more about the AirBNB process of becoming an emergency shelter for families or individuals in need, talk with a representative from Sojourn Properties LLC, your AirBNB property management company in Sedona, AZ. This is the individual who can help guide you through the process, making life better for you and for your emergency guest.