3 Ways to Promote and Ensure the Safety of Your Airbnb Listing

smart home automation for security of airbnb

Airbnb listings in Scottsdale, AZ can, unfortunately, go viral for all the wrong reasons. Rather than catching on with the public because of the carefully curated furniture, the place could easily become famous for an infamous event. There is no such thing as total security, no matter where you stay. However, there are simple measures that you can take to assure your guests that you’re looking after their well-being.

1. Ring Doorbells

Cameras and surveillance equipment are as affordable these days as they are reliable. Mentioning a Ring Doorbell on your property listing is a simple heads-up to your guests that you’re taking extra precaution. You can also consider placing a section in your listing, depending on who your audience is, about the protocol for an emergency. This is a great time to point out any additional perks about the area, such as the quick response times of emergency services.

2. Noise Sensors

Noise sensors won’t record what guests are saying, they’ll only record the decibel levels of the sound. These devices are great for anyone who wants to avoid having 50 people over to their one-bedroom listing or getting endless noise complaints from their neighbors. In addition, much like the camera doorbells, they can tell your guests that you’ve got your eye on the space. If there’s a break-in, accident, or other loud event, you’ll be able to check in with your guests to make sure everyone is safe. Far from trying to invade a person’s privacy, you’re hoping to give people a sense of protection while they’re staying at your place.

3. Property Managers in Scottsdale, AZ

Property managers in Scottsdale, AZ can be available 24/7, which can end up being a major factor in how a person decides whether to choose your listing over another’s. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a strange noise, having someone to call in the middle of the night who’s close by can be a comfort to anyone staying over.

The staff at Sojourn Properties LLC understands that safety is paramount for any property listing. If you want to work with property managers who go the extra mile in Scottsdale and Phoenix, contact us today to learn more about what we can do.