Optimizing Your AirBNB for the Digital Nomad


Nomads still enjoy wandering. But today, they do it out of pleasure instead of necessity. There are probably prospective guests out there right now, reading the ad for your short-term rental and deciding whether or not to book a “workation”. The question of the day is: Will they choose your rental unit or another unit close by? The right AirBNB property management company in Sedona, AZ, can help you optimize your space to draw in these modern wanderers. Here’s what we recommend:

1. A Quiet Place to “Work”

Create a designated work space in your rental unit that allows guests to find seclusion when it’s time to work. And if this space has a pretty view, so much the better. You don’t necessarily need a window that overlooks a private beach, though it would be ideal if you have one. But you should at least aim for a window overlooking the garden or the neatly landscaped backyard. This can provide inspiration for guests who must stay logged in while winding down.

2. Fast Internet

High-speed internet is a necessity. Make sure you have sufficient internet speeds provided by a DSL, satellite, cable, wireless, or fiber-optic provider. This ensures your guests will be able to log on and easily work without interruption during their stay.

3. A Secure Connection

Most importantly, your internet connection must be secure. Otherwise, you could be putting your valued guests at risk. We recommend the following:

  • Disabling remote access
  • Enabling strong encryption
  • Updating firmware
  • Changing the password after every guest
  • Using long, strong passwords

These are safeguards that will help to ensure nobody accesses your private connection without permission. And changing your password regularly is a preventative measure, too. Never publish your WIFI password in your ad or in any literature you print up. Instead, give it to guests after they’ve arrived for their stay. After they leave, change it right away.

These safeguards are necessary to protect the privacy of your rental unit and your guests. Sojourn Properties, your AirBNB property management company in Sedona, AZ, can help you with more safety tips for your rental unit. Contact us today.