How to Plan for Airbnb Emergency Repair Scenarios


Even with a well-maintained Airbnb property in Scottsdale, sometimes, unexpected repair situations can arise. Whether it is an overflowing toilet, a busted water line, or a faulty AC unit, it is ever-important to get prepared for these events just in case. Few things are worse than navigating the unknown when you have a guest to impress staying in your rental. Here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared for an emergency repair situation in your Airbnb.

Make sure guests know who to call if something goes awry

Make an emergency contact list and place it somewhere visible at the Airbnb property. Post your contact information clearly on the booking website and in your messages. Always ensure guests can clearly find contact information that will get them immediate attention in an emergency.

Know who you can count on when your property needs immediate attention

Few things are worse than having a busted pipe, a heating outage, or other emergencies and not being able to get a professional to help right away. Make your own list of pros you can contact in the area that will be available at a moment’s notice. This will ensure you won’t have to waste time searching for someone to help if a guest calls you with a problem.

Have plans in place to keep guests accommodated during repairs

Emergency repairs during a stay can ruin a guest’s experience. However, there are ways you can mitigate a negative review in spite of the situation. Have plans in place to make the guest as comfortable as possible for different scenarios. For example, if the water has to be turned off, it would be helpful to have bottled water in the fridge or a few gallons of water tucked into a closet. Or, if the primary AC unit goes down, it can be helpful if you have a portable AC or a few extra fans in the unit that guests can use to stay cool.

Need help with Airbnb management?

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