How to Mitigate AirBnB Asset Loss During Monsoon Season

Preparing for Arizona Monsoon Season

From June to September, the Phoenix area is vulnerable to monsoons. From wind to hail, it can leave short-term property owners with major asset loss if they’re not careful. In fact, these large storms caused about a billion dollars in asset damage across the state in 2021. If you’re concerned about protecting your AirBnB property in Scottsdale, AZ, we’ll look at how you can prepare.

Getting Ready

Before monsoon season, you’ll need to:

  • Inspect the roof: A professional will do more than verify that the roof is intact. If you need additional reinforcement, they can tell you where your roof is weakest based on everything from weather patterns to architectural design.
  • Clean the gutters: The gutters are what stands between your home and water damage. The more clogged they are, the more likely they are to overflow. If they’re cleaned and the downspouts are free to drain, you’ll be far less likely to have to file an insurance claim.
  • Consider flood insurance: Flood insurance is not usually a part of your home insurance policy, which is why you may need to examine your coverage. Even if you don’t technically live in a flood zone, you may have spillover effects which ultimately result in asset loss.
  • Trim the trees: The biggest branches cause the more amount of damage. Clean, neat trees also ensure that the weakest branches are removed, otherwise known as the ones most likely to fall in the event of a storm.
  • Prepare for power outages: This tip is more for any families or individual who may be staying in the AirBnB at the time of the monsoon. You may want to purchase a generator, so their food doesn’t spoil and they have enough power to stay safe during the monsoon.

AirBnB Property Management in Scottsdale, AZ

Summer is not always an easy season for property owners in the Phoenix area. Despite the increase in time off for most vacationers, these volatile months of heat and storms can be a headache. If you’re looking for property managers in Scottsdale that leave as little to chance as you do, Sojourn Properties LLC has a team that’s devoted to keeping our clients safe from asset loss.