How AirDNA Can Help You Understand the AirBnB Market

How AirDNA Can Help You Understand the AirBnB Market

AirDNA provides data collection services for people with short-term rentals. The information is analyzed and categorized specifically to tell you more about what your property is worth and how you can leverage demand throughout the year to make the most from it. We’ll look at how it can help you understand the market so you’re ready for anything.

Less Guessing

There are certain things that are fairly self-explanatory about the AirBnB market in Scottsdale or Phoenix, AZ. You don’t need to be told that major events will bump up the price of your rental or that weekdays are less popular than weekends. You may not know exactly what your property will fetch at its highest margins, leading you to set prices far too low. AirDNA provides you with the market trends you need to see so you can be strategic in pricing. Plus, you can get more information about your competition, making you less likely to lose business.

More Planning

While planning for every contingency is impossible, AirDNA can help you understand what to expect from the months and years ahead. Do you ultimately want to purchase a few more rental properties? Knowing how much you’ll make over the course of the year can give you a more realistic timeline about when that can happen. Are you using the rental income as part of your retirement strategy? You can see how to integrate other sources of income to give you the most comfortable Golden Years imaginable.

How the Right Property Management in Phoenix, AZ Can Help

If you want a stronger understanding of the market, you’ll need to invest some time into the project. It can take a while to get up to speed, spot the trends, and then adapt your short-term rental to make the most of it. Knowing these details can set you up for success, whether it’s an influx of workcationers or a downturn in bachelorette parties in the area. At Sojourn Properties LLC, it’s our job to provide property management services in the Phoenix area that deliver real results. If you’re looking for extra assistance to make much more money, contact us today!