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Appealing to Corporate Renters: How an Airbnb Can Stand Out Over Hotels

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Corporate renters can be a huge source of revenue if you have an Airbnb in Scottsdale, AZ. However, there’s no doubt you have some fierce competition from neighboring hotels. We’ll look at how you can appeal to the corporate crowd and why your place might be a far better choice than the traditional options.

A Unique Place to Stay

Long-term renters definitely have options when it comes to hotels. There are a number of extended-stay rooms that feature everything from kitchens to jacuzzi tubs. Yet even the best hotels just can’t match the charm of a good Airbnb. These aren’t sanitized versions of home, they’re a real place where corporate workers can kick up their heels and relax after a difficult day.

In your marketing, make sure to show off the most unique parts of the house. In addition, stock up on everything in the kitchen. From pots and pans to gourmet coffee, these items can really convey comfort to the weary traveler.

A Good Place to Work

With so many people working both in and away from the office, an Airbnb might be a more restful place to work than a hotel (particularly if you have more than one bedroom). If you think you might have a lot of corporate traffic in Phoenix or Scottsdale, you should have a designated office with good lighting, a desk, and plenty of plugs. If you have remote workers stay with you, ask them for their suggestions on what would make for a better environment.

An Excellent Place to Sleep

If a corporate worker is going to spend 16 hours on the job, the bedroom is going to be pretty important to them. Make sure it’s big, comfortable, and a haven from the stresses of the office. (In other words, don’t skimp on the mattress, sheets, pillowcases, etc.)

Free Property Analysis in Phoenix, AZ

The corporate crowd is spending big bucks for their journeys, but it’s not uncommon for people to undersell their properties — even when they price compare. If you want to learn more about what your Airbnb is really worth, Sojourn Properties LLC can provide a free property analysis in Scottsdale, AZ.