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5 Ways to Draw More Guests With Your Airbnb Listing

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Your Airbnb listing does a lot to attract guests at your property. A well-written listing could make all the difference. There are many things you can do to make your property sound attractive to potential guests, so here’s what you need to know.

1. Write a Detailed Listing

Write a detailed listing that is accurate, creative, and clearly states what is unique about your property. Use words that convey the personality of your property and of course discuss the condition of the property. The more descriptive words, the better. When you’re done, have a friend or family member edit the listing and make suggestions as appropriate.

2. Keep Up-to-Date Listing Information

Did something about your property change? Maybe a room was added, or a space was opened up to make an open layout? Did you change the color of the home’s exterior? Make edits on your listing so that people will know what they’re getting when they book a room. This will also prevent confusion when your guests arrive.

3. Set Clear Expectations In the Rules Of Your Listing

It’s always best to ensure that your guests know where they stand when they arrive. They’ll feel more comfortable booking a room or a house if they know what your expectations are. Write clear rules and policies for your property to ensure your guests will feel comfortable reserving your property.

4. Make the Photos Stand Out

The photos you take of your property should be well-lit, should reveal as much detail about your property as possible, and should be generally attractive. Feel free to take as many pictures of your property as need be in order to ensure that your pictures provide a clear picture of what your property is like.

5. Update Your Profile

Make sure that your profile reveals something about you, like your personality or hobbies. The more you sound like a relatable person, the more people will want to book your property.

Contact Sojourn Properties to Take Care of Your Airbnb

You can’t attract people to your Airbnb property if it isn’t being maintained. To ensure your property is in good hands, contact Sojourn Properties today. We offer a range of Airbnb property management services in Scottsdale, AZ.

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