Who will Opt for an Airbnb Instead of Stopping at a Hotel?

Family Vacation Rentals in Scottsdale, AZ

Are you thinking about putting your condo or suburban property on the short-term rental market? Is it even the kind of place that a traveler to the Scottsdale area wants to stay in for a week or a month? If you have hesitated to capitalize on your investment because the decor is outdated, the house is too big, or perhaps even too remote, now may be the time to make the move. Schedule a free property analysis to target your marketing to the right segment of travelers.

Families are Traveling, but Still Cautious

After a year of social distancing, families are ready to take a trip, but at the same time can be hesitant to lodge at a popular hotel. An Airbnb offers a good balance between privacy and safety. Mom and Dad do not need to rely on hotel staff to properly sanitize the room and there is less worry that other travelers may be ill. Families are happy to opt for a few extra bedrooms, a dishwasher, and a garage, too.

Executives Love the Perks of Working From Home

The company is springing for an in-person seminar this year, but not all the executives are looking forward to evenings struggling with slow internet and loud neighbors in the next hotel room. After perfecting their home office, business travelers are eager to stay at a quiet apartment featuring a wireless printer, fiber-optic internet, and a large leather office chair. It is even better if your condo is just a few blocks away from the convention center.

Grandparents Enjoy the Added Comfort of a Full Kitchen and Bath

How often have you listened to your elderly relatives complain about restaurant food that is too salty, too sweet, or simply too much? Some seniors are rediscovering the freedom to enjoy a visit to the grandkids when they have access to their own kitchen, groceries, and a roomy bathroom. Instead of suffering through cold cereal at the breakfast buffet, they start the day at their own speed.

As you can see, short-term rentals are no longer a popular choice for the younger adult generation. With more families, executives, and seniors embracing the flexibility that comes with an Airbnb, there is a golden opportunity to start earning cash off a property that didn’t seem to fit the market in the past. Is your rental ready? A free property analysis from our Airbnb management company in Scottsdale, AZ will help ensure that your listing is prepared to be fully booked for the upcoming travel season.

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