What Amenities Attract Airbnb Guests?

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With so many Airbnbs dotted around Arizona, the competition is stiff. One way to attract more guests is to offer the most popular amenities that Airbnb guests are looking for.

Ring Doorbells

Security is a top concern among Airbnb guests. Ring doorbells offer peace of mind for individuals, couples and families. They act, not only as an active security measure against opening the door to a potential threat, but as a deterrent to anyone thinking of acting with malicious intent.

Robust WiFi

Airbnb guests expect not only to have wifi available, but that it be strong enough to support work, online video conferencing and entertainment streaming for adults and their children.

Corporate Services

The trend for corporate Airbnb guests is continuing to increase. Corporate travel coordinators want to ensure that their employees have the services available to support their company directives. This many include car services, peripheral equipment such as a printer/copier and upgraded appliances and bedding.

Dedicated Workspace

Even non-corporate guests look for a dedicated workspace in Airbnb listings. This amenity provides your guest with a spot to place calls back home to family and friends, take care of their “work vacation” needs or simply offer a place other than the kitchen table to play a game with their family.

Ceiling Fans

Along with air conditioning in hot climates, Airbnb guests look for ceiling fans to keep the air flowing to ensure a comfortable indoor environment. This is especially true of Arizona Airbnb properties.


Increasingly, Airbnb guests seek out properties that offer SMART TVs. This amenity greatly enhances their in-unit entertainment choices and allows both adults and their children to spend time relaxing in your Airbnb without always having to leave the property to have something fun to do.

Managed Property Services

Remember, Airbnb guests are usually staying in an area where they wish to sightsee or do tourist activities, but they know very little about how or where to do them. Managed Airbnb property services is an amenity that your Airbnb guests look for when they are booking, and one that can lead to great reviews when they check out.

For Arizona Airbnb property management, contact Sojourn Properties. We are experts in what Airbnb guests are looking for, and we know how to please both you and your guests!