Pets or No Pets? The Pros and Cons of Allowing Pets as an Airbnb Property Owner

dog with family on porch

In the U.S, 68 percent of households own a pet. When people pack up their bags and set out on business trips, family vacations, or weekend getaways, many have their pets along for the ride. According to Forbes, over two million pets and other live animals are transported by airplane on an annual basis. As an Airbnb owner, this begs to question, should you allow pets in your short-term rentals?

In a perfect world, pets could stay anywhere with their human owners with no trouble at all. However, pets can, unfortunately, pose a few risks to the Airbnb property manager in Scottsdale, AZ. Take a look at the pros and cons of allowing pets as an Airbnb property owner.

Pro: Allowing pets can make your rental more profitable.

People are willing to spend more money on accommodations when they have a pet in tow. Because not all Airbnb owners do allow pets, it can be a little more challenging for travelers with pets to find the right place. This naturally gives your rentals a competitive edge, which means you can possibly adjust your rates and make bigger profits with each stay.

Con: You may inadvertently deter some prospects.

As much as people who own pets adore them, not every weary traveler will want to rest their head in a place where pets have been inside. Some people are also allergic to pet dander, which means they will naturally gravitate away from listings that are listed as pet-friendly.

Pro: Allowing pets can make your rental more inviting.

Naturally, people who treat their pets as members of the family will feel more invited and comfortable when they find an Airbnb that is pet-friendly. Without these accommodations available, travelers who have their pets with them are forced to find local boarding facilities or pet sitters. This alone can mean a guest could cut their stay short.

Con: Pets always come along with property damage risks.

Whether it is potty accidents, an anxious puppy that likes to chew, or claw scratches on a door, pets can cause damage to property. You can counter the costs of these damages by charging an additional fee for guests that stay with their pets. However, some property owners prefer to avoid the extra trouble.

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