How to Ensure Good Reviews For Your Airbnb


The success of your Airbnb relies on good reviews. Ultimately, you can have the best pictures, the most comfortable place in the best location; but if you have bad reviews, then chances are that at least one person will pass on renting your Airbnb. The best way to make sure you get consistently good reviews is to make sure it happens. Don’t rely on chance. Here is how to ensure good reviews for your Airbnb every time you rent it out.

Use a Property Manager

Even if you are really diligent about making sure your Airbnb is outstanding, things have a way of going awry. You need to make sure that your guests have a point of contact to take care of the little things that can interrupt a serene Airbnb stay. These unanticipated events can ruin your guest’s stay and result in less than positive reviews for your property.

  • Running out of propane for the stove
  • Running out of bottled water
  • Internet goes down
  • The Interior door gets accidentally locked
  • Toilet gets stopped up
  • Plumbing pipe breaks
  • Water valve breaks and faucet won’t turn off
  • Electric shower malfunctions

When you hire an Airbnb property manager, these unfortunate events can be swiftly taken care of, ensuring a positive review.

Check-in on Your Guests

The best way to ensure good reviews for your Airbnb is to simply check in on your guests every now and then. You or your property manager can avail of the messaging system to just say, “Hi, is everything okay? Is there anything you need?” This lets your guests know that you remember they are there and that you are committed to their enjoyable stay in your property. This enables your guests to vocalize their needs to you in a private setting rather than to complain about something publicly later.

Be Responsive

If your guests do reach out with any kind of question or problem, be responsive. Don’t wait 24 hours to address their question about what to do with their trash. Answer as quickly as you reasonably can, so that your guests feel that they are being listened to and that their concerns are being taken seriously. Good reviews for your Airbnb are essential for the continued success of your rental property in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Sojourn Can Handle All This For You!

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