Attract More Guests With An Airbnb Listing That Stands Out 

Airbnb Listing Optimization to attract guests

Attracting good Airbnb guests is very important! The more guests you get, and the better quality guests that you attract, the more successful your Airbnb business will be. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make your property more attractive to guests. It helps to work with a property management company in Scottsdale AZ – and it’s helpful to follow the advice below.

Take Professional Pictures

Most guests shop with their eyes as much as they shop by reading the descriptions of properties. Getting professional pictures taken of your Airbnb home is important for attracting guests.

Professional real estate photographers know how to take pictures of rooms so they appear light-filled and spacious. You’d be amazed how much difference it can make to get your real estate pictures professionally taken.

Create a Complete Listing

Give as much description as you can of your property so that potential guests will know what they’re getting when they rent your property. Are there interesting attractions in the area around your property? Is your property conveniently located? What are the greatest benefits of visiting your property? Provide all of this information in the description. Other information to give your potential guests include:

  • How many people could potentially sleep there?
  • How many parking spaces are available?
  • What are the rules of the property?
  • What do you provide on-site for visitors? What must guests provide of their own?
  • What makes your property unique?

Offer Small Touches

One way to attract guests is to offer a “welcome gift” to your guests – and let them know that they’ll be offered the gift when they check-in. You can also offer your guests a guide of local attractions, so they’ll have an easier time navigating the area. Most important of all is to let guests know they’ll have access to this when they check in to the property.

Know Your Guests

Know who your guests are and what their priorities are, so you can cater to their needs, and craft your listing to speak to their needs. Don’t forget to mention that you get property management services in Scottsdale to let guests know that your property is well-maintained! All guests need to know the property where they check-in will be clean and well-maintained.