4 Unique Party Themes to Consider for Your Airbnb

Party themes for an airbnb in Scottsdale

When people picture their Airbnb, they’re often picturing something very different from their own home. Whether it’s clean spaces for a beach wedding vacation or old-fashioned setups perfect for murder mystery ambiance, they’ll gravitate towards properties that can provide the atmosphere they’re looking for. We’ll look at four unique party theme ideas that can help you put your space together.

Children’s Birthdays

If you’re in a residential area with lots of families, you can turn your Airbnb into the perfect place for kid’s birthdays. Bright-colored furniture, pin-the-tail-on-donkey hangings, and a piñata in the backyard are ways to show it off in pictures.

Garden Parties

A garden party is something of a bygone tradition that is even more romantic today. Set up the backyard to tempt guests and let them know you’ll provide all the supplies they’ll need to adapt the party to their crowd. Airbnb management in Scottsdale, AZ can tell you that these clever twists can be enough to grow your revenue drastically over time.

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is a type of party one that sets the stage before dinner. The best part? It can be done every night they stay, giving them more bang for their buck and a potential new routine to take back to their own homes. Take some time to pick out a bar cart that fits with the rest of the decor, and then invite your guests to get in on the fun.


If you have a big dining room, banquets are an elegant way to serve dinner to a large group of people. You may not need much more than a long sideboard and some chafing dishes to give people their own ideas on how to set it up.

Work with a Property Manager in Scottsdale

property manager in Scottsdale, AZ knows that most property owners have a lot of other things on their mind besides what color linens to put in their photographs. If you want to try a party theme for your place but aren’t sure where to start, the team at Sojourn Properties LLC can help you find a creative way to give your property a big boost both online and off.