How to Furnish Your Airbnb on a Tight Budget


Without question, renting your home or townhome as an Airbnb is a good way to earn extra money, especially with the help of a Scottsdale Airbnb manager. However, when a weary traveler makes their way to your Airbnb for a stay, they’ll expect all the creature comforts of home. The good news is you do not have to have a massive budget to furnish your short-term rental in a comfortable way. Take a look at a few tips to keep in mind when furnishing your Airbnb without a lot of funds.

1. Spend more money on the bedroom

A good rule of thumb is to utilize about half of your furnishing budget for the bedroom. So, if you only have $500 to spend on furnishings, plan to spend about $250 at minimum. Your goal is to provide one of the most inviting places to sleep. Therefore, the bedroom needs a good mattress and bed frame, a dresser, and at least one bedside table are a must. It is recommended to opt for a new mattress, but you could look for a used bed frame and other bedroom furniture to save money.

2. Keep decor items minimal

Decor items are good but they are extras. So, keeping things simple is perfectly acceptable. Pick one or two statement pieces in terms of wall decor, a few complementary table-top pieces, and inexpensive window treatments. You can find a lot of these items at estate sales, secondhand shops, and even discount decor shops online. For example, you can pick up a canvas art print for around $20 to $50, add a garage-sale frame, and have an attractive, inexpensive piece of wall decor.

3. Go thrifting for comfortable seating areas

Couches, kitchen tables, and even freestanding patio chairs are all easy enough to find at thrift stores. If you find a cheap wooden piece that would serve your purpose, remember, a little inexpensive paint can give a piece a totally new look.

4. Splurge on comfy bathroom linens only

The bathroom doesn’t require a lot in terms of decor. However, you do want comfy towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Find luxury-level bathroom linens on sites like Amazon. As far as other necessities like baskets to hold toiletries and the toiletries you plant to supply, check out local dollar stores to get decent supplies for a low price.

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