3 Things to Know About Guest Screening and Rental Properties

Guest Screening for Rentals

When it comes to renting out your property, it might seem like guest screening is relatively straightforward. However, there’s a reason why horror stories exist in the industry, and it’s not always because they’re one-off anomalies. Too many property owners can let the short-term benefits crowd out the long-term consequences of choosing the wrong tenants, and how a short-term property manager in Scottsdale, AZ can help you avoid any issues.

1. Decide Your Balance

There’s a wide range of things that you can do to screen your tenants, ranging from accepting anyone who applies to demanding a full background check and blood sample before you even think about letting them onto your property. The first thing you need to do is decide where exactly on the spectrum you fall and how your decision will affect your occupancy rates. The more you demand from well-meaning people, the easier it will be for them to look elsewhere.

2. Don’t Ignore the Red Flags

Just because someone can pay the deposit upfront, doesn’t mean that they’re not lawsuit hungry. It also doesn’t mean that they’re going to take care of your property. If you’re working with someone with somewhat dubious reviews or social media pages that suggest they have some growing up to do, you don’t want to ignore those elements before accepting them. Also, keep in mind that glowing reviews could be fake, so watch out if they largely say the same things or otherwise have a ring of authenticity.

3. A Short-Term Property Manager in Scottsdale, AZ Can Help

A short-term property manager in Scottsdale, AZ is essentially there to help you cut back on the hassle of renting out your property, as you likely have plenty of other things to be doing with your time. While it’s an investment, it’s one that can ultimately save you the hassles of an expensive lawsuit or destructive repair costs. Sojourn Properties LLC is here to make it possible for owners to be more confident about who’s stay in their place and how they’ll act if and when a snag comes along. Contact us to see how our services can be a great way to conserve more money in the long run.