3 Easy Ways to Up Your Reputation Score as an AirBnb Property Owner

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Renting out your owned townhomes as Airbnb properties can really deliver a hefty profit for you and a much easier life as a property owner. However, much of your success with Airbnb rentals relies on what your guests have to say about their stay after they leave. Most Airbnb guests read through guest reviews before picking a place. If your reputation score has fallen due to a few bad reviews, there may be a few ways you can get your reputation back up.

1. Make sure guests get what is advertised, always.

Guests pick specific rentals because they feel the place would be a good fit for their needs and wants as a traveler. If a guest comes to your property and they do not get the experience they were expecting due to what information was portrayed in your listing, it can definitely lead to a bad review. To make sure guests get what is advertised:

  • Carefully craft your description so it gives reliable, consistent information about the property that does not change
  • Update your listing every time something small changes
  • Make sure the property looks like what it does in the images you share in a listing

2. Respond to unhappy guests immediately and do your best to please them.

The old saying in business is you can’t please every customer all of the time, and the saying holds true in short-term property rentals as well. You are bound to have a guest who is unhappy at some point; your job then becomes making sure you do what you can to appease the situation. Reach out to the unhappy guest, find out what was wrong, and work to understand their complaint. If necessary, offer a partial refund or savings on a future stay.

3. Ensure guests have a memorable experience at the property.

Memorable experiences at an Airbnb are more likely to trigger positive reviews. You should always provide what is advertised, but small details ad gestures make the experience seem as if you’ve gone above and beyond as a host. Perhaps you could leave a handwritten note offering pointers about fishing at the pond on the property. Maybe you could leave a chilled bottle of wine in the fridge or a basket of snacks on the table. These offerings are memorable and more likely to yield excellent reviews.

Do you need help managing Airbnb properties?

With a little time and effort, you can keep your reputation score high and your reviews good for your Airbnb rentals. If you are struggling, it may be a sign you need professional property management to help. Reach out to us at Sojourn Properties for information about our services.

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