Why Security Matters for Short-Term Rental Properties

security for your short term rental

When you operate short-term rentals, whether it is townhomes, Airbnb properties, or otherwise, you can have a variety of guests seeking a comfortable place to stay. So many important things go into keeping your property attractive to prospective guests, but it is al-too-easy to forget a really important factor: security. Take a quick look at just a few of the reasons why security is such a big deal for short-term rental properties.

Guests want to stay at a place where they feel safe.

The number one reason security is a smart investment for your short-term rental is that guests will appreciate it. Any time someone stays in a new environment in an unfamiliar place, it can help them feel safer if they are in a secure structure. Something as small and simple as a security light over the driveway or a video doorbell can make your rental unit seem more safe and comfortable.

Good security protects your short-term rental.

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to protecting your short-term rental from damage, and security is an easy way to do just that. Properties that have good security features may be less likely to be compromised when the unit is not rented. For example, if a vandal sees the property is protected by surveillance cameras, they may be less likely to break in and cause destruction to the property.

Integrated security features can mean a higher price point is possible.

Good security in your short-term rental is automatically more attractive to prospective guests. Therefore, you could easily get by with charging just a bit more for your rental without compromising its popularity among guests. Most owners do charge more for rentals that have specific types of security, such as access control units or on-site surveillance, to cover the initial investment costs. However, those upped prices can yield a nice ROI once the initial investment cost is recouped.

Need Help with Short-Term Rental Security?

It can be difficult to manage security when you have several short-term rental properties to contend with. Working with a trusted property management company can ensure you get the security your properties need. Reach out to us at Sojourn Properties, LLC if you are interested in learning more about our property management services and how we can help.

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